As a professional in the healthcare industry, Renae will stand up for our most vulnerable making sure our senior citizens can gain access to caregivers faster then current regulations allow.  It is time we send a fresh perspective to Harrisburg to fight for our Cambria County values

She has seen the detriment effect that the pandemic had on our elderly population over the last 2 years. They became isolated -as the senior centers shut down and those who were in hospital or a nursing home, were not permitted visitors for months! Some it was close to a year before their family could actually visit them in person!

Renae loves interacting and helping others, especially senior citizens. She has worked in sales and marketing for 20 years and really found passion in the healthcare industry, especially working with our senior citizens. Working with seniors everyday to help them get the support they need to be able to maintain their independence, and remain living in their own homes, rather than a nursing home. She would like to streamline the process that seniors have to go through to get the services they require. Depending on the type of services needed, the average wait is 6-8 weeks and some might not even have that much time to wait.