Locally, here in our city, I’d like to see more business’s move into our area. I’d like to work with local leaders to focus on increase business revenue in this district. Especially with the blighted properties that seem to keep accumulating. We can turn those spaces into more useful areas. 

We have an opioid crisis here in our community and we need to work together to increase better solutions for those who are affected and addicted to drugs that are causing a detriment to not only their life but those around them. This affects our first responders and adds additional patients in our healthcare setting. 

I look forward to meeting with those in my district. I look forward to meeting with the people and listening to their concerns to try and come up with some solutions. Working with the leaders in all areas of this district will also be a priority so that we can all work together. 

And together we can be the change. Its time for a change in this district.